Chihuahua puppies : training tips, part 2.

Chihuahuas are intelligent. Just because your Chihuahua lives a life of leisure does not mean she can't learn tricks. Chihuahuas don't hunt, herd or guard so they don't have an opportunity to show off like some of the other breeds. Obedience and agility trials give Chihuahuas a chance to show what they can do. But you don't have to compete in the competitions to enjoy training your Chihuahua. Training should be a fun time for both of you. Chihuahuas need to have some kind of schooling. Clicker training works well for Chihuahuas. In chihuahua puppy training with clicker training you teach the dog that a "click" sound signals a coming reward. A clicker signal is used because it is fast, noticeable, and something the dog otherwise does not encounter in everyday life. Once the dog associates the click with an upcoming reward, you wait for the dog to do the behavior you want her to do. The instant she does so, you click to tell the dog her behavior deserves a reward. Then you give her the treat. If the dog makes a mistake, no treat. You just wait for her to do it right, then reward with a treat.

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