Chihuahua puppy training tips 1.

A good obedience class to train your Chihuahua is always helpful. However, you don't have to go to obedience classes. Many classes are especially for handling big, out-of-control dogs and may emphasize force methods to try and dominate and calm these dogs. These methods are not good for Chihuahuas, or any dog for that matter. If you run into instructors and classes like this, you are better off training your Chihuahua on your own or with other small-dog owners. Old-fashioned force-training methods are ineffective and no fun for your dog either. Chihuahuas respond best to amendable training and only the gentlest of techniques. Some guidelines of chihuahua puppy training to keep in mind: . Guide, don't force. Chihuahuas want to please you. Your job is to show them what pleases you. If you force a Chihuahua you might bring out that notorious Chi stubborn streak. . Punishment does not work. Chihuahuas seldom require anything but a mild correction. . Accentuate the positive. Reward your dog for behaviors that please you. . Will work for food. Your Chihuahua will work better for training sessions if her stomach is not full. She will be more responsive to food rewards on an empty stomach. . Happy endings. Keep sessions short and fun, no longer than 10 to 15 minutes. Begin and end each training session with something your dog can do well.

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